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LuLu Mommy is a perfect place to find incredible deals on designer maternity dresses, baby strollers and everything else for you and your baby. Enjoy smarter, greener and money-saving shopping on LuLu Mommy!

Why shop on LuLu Mommy?

Shopping is Fun and Money-saving.  LuLu Mommy offers 20 categories of mom-related items to browse, all with great discounts. 50% of our categories are dedicated to maternity-related items. You can find incredible deals on Maternity Lot Sales, and finish your shopping in no time. Also, check out our Maternity Business and Maternity Dresses for amazing deals on designer brands. Spend less, save more, and still be stylish during your pregnancy!

Shopping is Easy and Quick.  LuLu Mommy provides a convenient shopping experience with simple and easy-to-use features. There are no confusing auctions or fees on LuLu Mommy.  Our integrated map and three different communication options will help you find what you are looking for easier and get what you want quicker.

Buy what you want in three simple steps
  • Start shopping by browsing listings

All listings are free to browse. Simply select a category to browse or search by name, brand, location, keyword, etc. No registration is required to shop on LuLu Mommy but if you would like to find what you are looking for quicker, sign up for our daily email. LuLu Mommy will find the best deals and deliver them to your inbox directly.

  • Contact Sellers

In each classified, a seller’s information is highlighted at the top with Contact Details. If you click the “Send Inquiry” button, a simple, clean form will appear. Submitting the form emails the content to a seller. You can also call a seller if contact information includes his/her phone number. Not only that, you can simply “Leave a Reply” to the post.

  • Finalize price and agree on the rules for the sale

Unless indicated on ads, the followings need to be discussed with a seller in order to ensure a smooth transaction.

  1. Is the item local pick-up only or can it be shipped?
  2. Who pays for packing and shipping?
  3. Does a seller accept returns?
  4. How can I pay?

Would you still like to learn more about shopping on LuLu Mommy? Visit Help page or Contact us.